To World Race Parents

Click Here to Download the Parent's GuideThe World Race is an amazing adventure. Sure you may not see the romanticism of sleeping on the ground, eating unusual fruits, animals and other undistinguishable items, or carrying all your worldly possessions on your back but your sons and daughters do.

Over the years, we’ve seen incredible transformations coming from the hardships our participants face. You remember when they started to walk, they fell a few times and had to strengthen their leg muscles by crawling and eventually pulling themselves to a standing position. The pilgrimage of the World Race is very much the same. The dirt, sweat, blood, cuts and bruises along the way serve a deep emotional, maturing purpose in their lives. As the process happens, I believe you will begin to see beyond the scrapes and scars and begin to see the person you always envisioned, emerge.

This is as much an adventure for you as it is for them. You may not be carrying the weight of a backpack, but you may be carrying the weight of responsibility, of fear, or even separation. You should know that they didn’t do this to you, but may be doing this because of you. They may be doing this because of your willingness to let them go off and discover themselves. They may be doing this because they are learning to implement the trust in Christ you’ve taught them about. They may be doing this because the pilgrimage has a scent about it that smells of destiny - and they want more than anything for you to support it.

I’ve put together some thoughts and observations I’ve gathered as generations of World Racers have circumnavigated the globe. I write to you as a teacher, a leader, a director, but mostly a father. Let me share the journey I’ve observed and the outcome I expect to see. It’ll be messy, I promise you that. But, ultimately, it will be good.

In Him,

Seth Barnes
Chief Executive Officer

Quotes from Parents:

He's honestly, openly seeking God's will. How can I believe that my plans are better for him? What right do I have to think that "a good job" is the highest and best use of his life?
Craig Hanson, 2007 World Race father

Thousands and thousands of young people are going to eventually embark on this pilgrimage around the world, because it provides a context in which they can discover themselves and who they are in Christ... and how they fit in the world. Many people in their twenties are looking for answers. They've got more questions than they've got answers. And what better place to find them than as you go on a pilgrimage around the world?
Seth Barnes, father of 2 World Racers and founder of the World Race

Thanking God for faithful servants and good news! I've been following these racers since January and they really have become the biggest part of my daily devotions. I often wonder if they have a clue how much they are ministering to people they do not even know. I've been blessed.
Pat Burrows, mother of WR participant

As a father of a World Racer who is about a month away from coming home, I would encourage anyone who thinks that God may be leading them to the World Race to apply. My daughter asked me recently if knowing what I know now, would I allow my other children to go on the Race. My response was "absolutely." The Race is not easy but it is a tremendous opportunity to grow exponentially in your dependence on Jesus.
Keith Uhles, father of WR participant

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