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Identity in Christ

by Mary Brinen on 7/26/2014
Team Golden Arrows

La Casa en Uyuni

by Sarah Dooley on 7/26/2014
Team Rak Chazak

Ministry in Uyuni

by Sarah Dooley on 7/26/2014
Team Rak Chazak

Tea Time

by Racquel Rossbach on 7/26/2014
Team Fearless Laughter

More Excited Than Ever!

by Abbie Eaton on 7/26/2014

And this Week the Trend...

by Troy Smouse on 7/26/2014
Team 3D

When Children Attack

by Kaila DeMoss on 7/26/2014
Team Halas


by Megan Brandon on 7/26/2014
Team Wildfire

Abandon Your Heart

by Amber Gallaway on 7/26/2014
Team Apotolmao

Training Camp Video

by Brian Rohm on 7/26/2014

The Call to a Promise

by Kels Tosca on 7/26/2014

Training Camp [Video]

by Leah Vogel on 7/26/2014

A LOT can happen in 1 week

by Nicole Bouza on 7/26/2014
Team Calm Waters


by The Mask's on 7/26/2014

Receive, Receive!

by Jackie Bakalarski on 7/26/2014
Team Golden Girls

I'm going home

by Laura Lea Medders on 7/26/2014
Team Mates

Put Me In Tune Spoken word

by Kyle Kunkel on 7/26/2014
Team Halas

A family in the desert

by Bridget Cundelan on 7/26/2014
Team ...Drops Mic

They stole his front door.

by Stacie Fields on 7/26/2014
Team W.E.R.K.

The "Real World"

by Lacey O on 7/26/2014
Team SetAFireSC

Defined Beloved

by Kristin Funderburg on 7/25/2014
Team PFOT (Pierced For Our Transgressions)

TICK. Tock.

by Amy Noakes on 7/25/2014
Team Abounding

Strongholds in Mongolia

by Kim Thomas on 7/25/2014
Team Evermore

It's Reality Folks!

by Darron Chamlee on 7/25/2014
Team En Fuego

Rice Rice Baby {Video}

by Steff Polivka on 7/25/2014

Life of...Luxury...?

by Julie Sliwinski on 7/25/2014

Conquering fears - Bolivia

by Esther Gordon on 7/25/2014
Team Bold Radiance

The Spiritual World is a Clown Car

by Miranda Dinges on 7/25/2014
Team 3D

The Blessings Of Chikungunya

by Jacie Zook on 7/25/2014
Team 3D

Support Information

by Amy Maggard on 7/25/2014

Who is God?

by Laura Beth Harbin on 7/25/2014

Father of Photography - Depth of Field

by Brittany Gonzales on 7/25/2014

4 Years Later...

by Kate Houston on 7/25/2014
Team Squad Leaders

What I found at Training Camp

by Courtney Thompson on 7/25/2014

And So it Begins...

by Jordan Tarant on 7/25/2014

9 A.M is Happy Hour

by Jordan Chepke on 7/25/2014
Team Lutroo


by Amy Mejeur on 7/25/2014
Team Open Arms


by Mariah Silvas on 7/25/2014

It is for Freedom

by Cody Wittick on 7/25/2014

How a week can change your life (pt. 2)

by Rhema Kennedy on 7/25/2014

Learning to Patiently Wait

by Lauren Massey on 7/25/2014
Team Lutroo

Birthday Post!

by Heather Merrell on 7/25/2014

Mind Blown

by Kaitlin McElroy on 7/25/2014

Dear Me

by Rachel Slama on 7/25/2014
Team This Is It

A Line in the Sand

by Emily Kon on 7/25/2014
Team Abide

A Promise for This Season of Staying

by Cassady Schulte on 7/25/2014

To My Anonymous Supporter

by Natalia Davis (Tai) on 7/25/2014

Race Vision Fulfilled.

by Meghan Callahan on 7/25/2014
Team This Is It

The GOOD in Goodbye

by Emily Lancon on 7/25/2014

So What if I'm Gay?

by Heidi Aguirre on 7/25/2014
Team Oak

Stop and Smell the Ja-Go-Dahs

by Kirsten Reilly on 7/25/2014
Team Akal Esh

New Beginnings

by Courtney Gillberg on 7/25/2014
Team Oak

The next big thing.

by Lesley Dennis on 7/25/2014
Team Steamy

Merely A Vessel

by Lexi Williams on 7/25/2014
Team En Fuego

A Picture Blog: Dominican Republic

by Ashley Loucks on 7/25/2014
Team Alvah

Dancing Widows, Hungry Orphans

by Miranda Parnell on 7/25/2014
Team W.E.R.K.

I pity me.

by Stacie Fields on 7/25/2014
Team W.E.R.K.

I pity me.

by Stacie Fields on 7/25/2014
Team W.E.R.K.

Entering Their Reality.

by Alison Scott on 7/25/2014
Team Undefined

Dirt Roads and Little Feet

by Stephanie Stambaugh on 7/25/2014
Team W.E.R.K.

Finding Life at the River

by Angela Mills on 7/25/2014
Team Golden Arrows

Fellow Citizens

by Tressa Borchardt on 7/25/2014
Team Fearless Love

"It" Just Got Real

by Chrissy Robertson on 7/25/2014
Team Squad Leader

embracing uncomfort (a.k.a support letter)

by McKenna Whisler on 7/25/2014

The Brothel Walk

by Danielle Anchondo on 7/25/2014
Team Bold Radiance

How you can help!

by Dani Dakil on 7/25/2014

Lesson 9: Race Life is Normal

by Emily Miller on 7/24/2014
Team Ohana

Having Faith

by Alexis Anderson on 7/24/2014

I'm Going to Thailand!!

by Chaney Poston on 7/24/2014
Team Awakened Ezekiels

China Video Recap!

by Mandi Gummels on 7/24/2014
Team Relentless

What's next Evan?

by Evan Dias on 7/24/2014
Team Face Down Revolution

Deadlines and Donations

by Carlie Smith on 7/24/2014

What's Next?

by Josh Mackey on 7/24/2014
Team Relentless Light

Sometimes You Need a Bus

by Christopher Moore on 7/24/2014