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Walking to Thailand

by Julia Robertson on 10/7/2015
Team Steadfast

A Morning with the Most High

by Benita Townsend on 10/7/2015
Team Squad Leader

Child Voice International

by Taylor Brantley on 10/7/2015
Team Devoted Love

To Shed A Light On It

by Josh Schmutzer on 10/7/2015
Team Mighty Oaks


by Jennifer Tillett on 10/7/2015
Team Liora

Peaceful Swaziland

by Jhacky Cana on 10/7/2015
Team Hungry

Divine Simplicity

by David Hamilton on 10/7/2015
Team Hungry

A Typical Day in Swaziland

by Jhacky Cana on 10/7/2015
Team Hungry


by Alyssa Brewer on 10/7/2015
Team Ezer


by Alyssa Brewer on 10/7/2015
Team Ezer

Walk by Faith

by Rachael Villafane on 10/7/2015
Team Discover and Disciple

Life in Malawi

by Erin Peters on 10/7/2015
Team Ezer

Trials of many kinds

by Josiah Clagett on 10/7/2015
Team Squad Leaders

Malawi Video

by Shelby Sawyers on 10/7/2015
Team Mosaic

19 hour African Bus Ride

by Lyndi Stucky on 10/7/2015
Team RAJ

There's no place I'd rather be

by Sabrina Doyle on 10/7/2015
Team Team CBG

God's People.

by Haley Sewell on 10/7/2015
Team Devoted Love

Learning to Rely on GOD

by Jennie Kate Clark on 10/7/2015

Tico Time

by Dottie Paynter Fairchild on 10/7/2015
Team Women of the Well

The Call

by Caleb Jones on 10/6/2015

My Story

by Tonya Anderson on 10/6/2015

Hey Atlanta ...

by Victoria Kuhlman on 10/6/2015

Generosity, Gratitude, and God

by Ashley Auch on 10/6/2015

A Blog Disclosure

by Tonya Anderson on 10/6/2015

The Process of Processing

by Whitney Rogers on 10/6/2015
Team Meek

unintentional fasting

by Julie McFarland on 10/6/2015
Team Meek

Dancing with a Stranger

by Alex Kirkikis on 10/6/2015
Team Team Udiya


by Catie Sundberg on 10/6/2015

Chained to a Tree

by Stacey Pratt on 10/6/2015
Team Mighty Oaks

Memorial stones.

by Stephanie below on 10/6/2015
Team Sculptor's Seven

Jesus: My Ever-Present Teacher

by Savannah Rucker on 10/6/2015
Team Kintsugi

Trust The Rope

by Rachel Witt on 10/6/2015
Team Sculptor's Seven


by Corrie Lundberg on 10/6/2015

i love you...

by Megan Fridell on 10/6/2015

You Are Welcome

by Debbie Jacobs on 10/6/2015
Team Liora

So yeah, I am bald now.

by Will Powers on 10/6/2015
Team The Watchmen

Why is it so hard to wait?

by Lynzie Willett on 10/6/2015

Amazing God

by Niecy Henderson on 10/6/2015


by Paris Winfrey on 10/6/2015

This One is for You Mom Mom

by Shelbie Richardson on 10/6/2015
Team GEN7

Breaking in but not broken down

by Ashley Desjardins on 10/6/2015


by Emma Prica on 10/6/2015
Team Mosaic

Truly Alive In The Slums

by RaeLynn DeFalco on 10/6/2015
Team Selah Vie


by Jill Childress on 10/6/2015
Team Radiant Vibes

A Peace of the Puzzle {pun intended}

by Katherine Dunaway on 10/6/2015
Team Team Dunamis

Raising Up Hope

by Jessica Couture on 10/6/2015
Team Selah Vie


by Britney Meyer on 10/6/2015

The Holiest of 10Ks

by Mel Jo Barnett on 10/6/2015
Team Fenix

Choppy Blog

by Jack Sentz on 10/6/2015
Team Team Yesha

// month 2: Romania //

by Corrie Walker on 10/6/2015
Team Geronima

Grandpa Dave's Identity

by Jordan Rae Adams on 10/6/2015
Team Genesis

Uncle Paul's

by Maddux Martin on 10/6/2015
Team Team Yesha

Glowing in the Dark

by Megan Barretto on 10/6/2015
Team Geronima

Recap of My Adventures

by Ryan Boenigk on 10/6/2015
Team Vengadores

Beauty DRules

by Ashley Cook on 10/6/2015
Team Parresia

When In Uganda...

by Ashley Ancona on 10/6/2015
Team Liora

Looking Back

by Noah Harrison on 10/6/2015
Team Team Dunamis

I am a Teacher

by Annie Burnham on 10/6/2015
Team Team A

Month 1 Summary and Thoughts

by Emilie Beck on 10/6/2015
Team Eshet Chayil


by Taylor Duggan on 10/6/2015
Team Arson

A Lesson From The Ocean

by Courtney Goddard on 10/6/2015
Team Genesis

Living with 19 other people

by Bri Sears on 10/6/2015
Team Binti Beans

Finding My Passion

by Taylor Baker on 10/6/2015
Team Devoted Love

*Wet Eyes*

by Taylor Bernard on 10/6/2015
Team Sunflower

A Look Back At Bulgaria

by Lisa Meyers on 10/6/2015
Team Sour Patch Kids

See You Later, Costa Rica

by Rachel Workman on 10/6/2015
Team Unsilenced

Thats So Serbia.

by Anna Vendl on 10/6/2015
Team Ichthys

I Left My Heart in Prison

by Marybeth Roberson on 10/6/2015
Team Flood Sisters

Month One: Costa Rica

by Bee Davis on 10/5/2015
Team Bioluminescence

Week 3 in Guatemala

by Ashley McCain on 10/5/2015
Team Binti Beans

One Monthiversary

by Merrell Horton on 10/5/2015
Team Sunflower

Job, un mae muy volado

by Gabi Rodriguez on 10/5/2015

I said YES!!

by Della Hery(Heidi) Santos on 10/5/2015

Kiss It All Goodbye

by Maggie Nelson on 10/5/2015


by Teagan Bencsics on 10/5/2015

Guatemala, Part 2

by Bri Devine on 10/5/2015
Team Atarah Doves

The World Race in Pictures

by Jennifer Bryan on 10/5/2015

What Ever Happened To...

by Josh Speelman on 10/5/2015

My Support Letter!

by Joey Rhoden on 10/5/2015

Worship and a little bit about me...

by Lila Capps on 10/5/2015

We're friends, yall!

by Lindsey Blake on 10/5/2015
Team Meek

Month 10 ... !!!

by Brenna Lucero on 10/5/2015
Team Tortuga Laud

Church in Bulgaria

by Lisa Meyers on 10/5/2015
Team Sour Patch Kids

What Are You Pursuing?

by Jackie Marquez on 10/5/2015

Costa Rica Video Blog

by Jacie Zook on 10/5/2015
Team Imago