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God Showed Up Under A Tree

by holly Swaney on 3/26/2015
Team IGNite

Pick a Number Any Number!

by Sam DeCarlo on 3/26/2015

Do We Really Trust God?

by Johnna Stark on 3/26/2015
Team Abide

South Africa Recap

by Emily Arzani on 3/26/2015
Team Ohana

Faith in action | South Africa

by Emily Arzani on 3/26/2015
Team Ohana

7 weeks.

by Devan Herbeck on 3/26/2015
Team Alabaster

Behind Bars

by Olivia Bourgeois on 3/26/2015
Team Braveheart

Immaturity at its Finest

by Christina Bautista on 3/26/2015
Team IGNite

Healing Hands

by Ellen Scott on 3/26/2015
Team Squad Leaders

The World Race Prayer Book

by Vashti Wills on 3/26/2015

Can I Just Go Home

by Stacie Wilson on 3/26/2015
Team Awakened Warriors

Fully Funded!

by Melissa Bjorklund on 3/26/2015
Team Awakened Warriors

In my shoes

by Laura Kawatski on 3/26/2015

"Touching A Real Life Penguin"

by Sabrina Lyle on 3/26/2015
Team bold 2831

Lacking Inspiration

by Heather Snider on 3/26/2015
Team Beautiful Mess

Community + God = Growth

by Ana Maria Soto on 3/26/2015
Team bold 2831

The earth is the Lord's.

by Heather Tobey on 3/26/2015
Team bold 2831

Knock Knock and Take

by Gabrielle Hobbs on 3/26/2015
Team Ohana

What Happened in India

by Kelsey Yongue on 3/26/2015
Team Endless Wonder

Month 9: Botswana Update and Summary

by Jessica Ravin Johnson on 3/26/2015
Team The Exodus

Count It All Joy

by Austin Shugart on 3/26/2015

My World Race Warranty To You

by Taylor Upchurch on 3/26/2015

I am chocolate milk.

by Tabbi Brown on 3/26/2015

Counting Stars

by Kelsey Tosca on 3/26/2015
Team Ransom

Tough Love and Hard Drugs

by Steve Ringelspaugh on 3/26/2015
Team Carpe Deum

An Open Letter to Anonymous Donors:

by Kristy Ramsey on 3/26/2015
Team Kabod

Beautiful Cambodia

by Heather Merrell on 3/25/2015
Team Redemption

Faithful in the Falling and Waiting

by Ashley Cook on 3/25/2015

And Judas, Who Betrayed Him

by Abi Thompson on 3/25/2015

Intro Video

by Missy Geiszler on 3/25/2015
Team Rayos

Cadbury & Jesus

by Angela Brown on 3/25/2015
Team Abundance

I'm Going To Eat A Tarantula

by RaeLynn DeFalco on 3/25/2015

Can I just sell it all?

by John Horton on 3/25/2015

Rest - More Rewarding than Sleep

by Martha Kennedy on 3/25/2015
Team TLC

About Me

by Luke Sherron on 3/25/2015

Month 2: Video Blog

by Vanessa Martinez on 3/25/2015
Team Aslan

Pictures please!

by Jess Hines on 3/25/2015
Team Submerge

Hey Girl, Where does all this money go?

by angelina Schmidt on 3/25/2015

The Power of a Pilla

by Mollie Gleason on 3/25/2015
Team Relentless

With Love, Angelina

by angelina Schmidt on 3/25/2015

March Madness

by Erin Peters on 3/25/2015

When Light Conquers Darkness

by Emily Bjerstedt on 3/25/2015
Team Unveiled

Sorry For The Wait

by Kelsie Lynch on 3/25/2015

The 11

by Amy Williams on 3/25/2015


by Amber Jackson on 3/25/2015
Team Ruthless Trust

Under a Blanket of Darkness

by Dani Tripp on 3/25/2015
Team Ohana

He's Calling. Are You Listening?

by Jennifer Tillett on 3/25/2015

Beauty From Pain

by Kaitlin Timmons (KC) on 3/25/2015

Adventures: Letting Go

by Allison Huang on 3/25/2015
Team Gener8

Questions? We got answers!

by Caitlin Strecker on 3/25/2015
Team TLC

More Than I Imagined

by Lydia Neumann on 3/25/2015
Team Squad Leaders

I don't like the term "preacher"

by Shannon Marshall on 3/25/2015

Wanna Make Me Eat A Snake?

by Tristiana on 3/25/2015

Montenegro Month 7!

by Simone Sterling on 3/25/2015
Team 7/11

Morning People

by Bethany Anderson on 3/25/2015
Team Ransom

Far more than rubies

by Hannah Rangel on 3/25/2015
Team Anchor

Being made new...

by Margot Ratliff on 3/25/2015

Find Joy in the Ordinary

by Beth Crenshaw on 3/25/2015
Team Overcome

I am a Control Freak

by Annie Burnham on 3/25/2015
Team D.O.R.A. the Explorers

The whispers that say GO.

by Kristen Hamilton on 3/24/2015

Childlike Faith

by Benita Townsend on 3/24/2015
Team The Pursuit

Tips for bringing a guitar.

by Thomas Cole on 3/24/2015
Team Drop the Mic

New Eyes & A Mashed Potato Heart

by Ashley Thaggard on 3/24/2015
Team Relentless


by Amy Deming on 3/24/2015
Team Chadesh

Thailand Video Blog!

by Thomas Cole on 3/24/2015
Team Drop the Mic

No More Comparing

by Ashley Ancona on 3/24/2015

Take the Time to Listen and Learn

by Shannon Connelly on 3/24/2015

A Sacrifice

by Kayla Russum on 3/24/2015

Pray for Elaina

by Zach Murphy on 3/24/2015
Team Awaken

Finding Joy

by Lindsay Lucas on 3/24/2015
Team Victorious

Ten Dollar Tuesdays!

by Abi Thompson on 3/24/2015

Following Failure

by Kirbie Head on 3/24/2015

Oh the waiting:)

by Jen Goeking on 3/24/2015
Team The Janes

Never in Vain

by Anna Nicles on 3/24/2015
Team Victorious