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Im Getting Married!

by Eleina Camarillo on 10/21/2014

Is this Boot Camp?

by Anna-Marie Gutierrez on 10/21/2014

Living Out Christianity

by Devan Herbeck on 10/21/2014
Team Lavished Warriors

Discovering the Undiscoverable

by Henry Inglesby on 10/21/2014
Team Geronimo

What just happened?? Training camp

by Alyssa Nobles on 10/21/2014
Team Joyous Light

Training Camp, Pt 1 - Hooked

by Cindy Chau on 10/21/2014
Team Eklektos

Fluid Stability

by Marielle Moguel on 10/21/2014
Team Squad Leaders


by Beth Crenshaw on 10/21/2014

Washed By The Water

by Rachel Tart on 10/21/2014
Team Forerunners

11 Things I learned at Training Camp

by Megan Brooks on 10/21/2014

As God Does All the Work...

by Kim Esworthy on 10/21/2014
Team Fierce

One step at a time

by Bridget on 10/21/2014

Man, I Feel Like a Woman

by Lauryn Gondek on 10/21/2014
Team Dunamis

a month of discovery

by Jason & Sara Hurst on 10/21/2014

It's just the beginning.

by Ryan Bright on 10/21/2014

The Storm Before the Calm

by Katelyn James on 10/21/2014

10 things I learned from Training Camp

by Mad or Madz Thompson on 10/21/2014
Team Wanderers

So... the World Race?

by Brittany Blevins on 10/21/2014

Training Camp Pt. 1: EMBRACE

by Brittney Adler on 10/21/2014
Team Boundless

Fundraising- $10 Tuesday!

by Katie Kastl on 10/21/2014
Team Kabod

This Month I am a Teacher

by Laura Lea Medders on 10/21/2014
Team yoU


by Grace Beecher on 10/21/2014
Team Nephesh

Something New

by Jonathan Sander on 10/21/2014
Team Boundless

Prayer Request

by Jessica Ravin Johnson on 10/21/2014
Team Unity 31

11 things in 111 days.

by Kaci Eccles on 10/21/2014
Team Trust Without Borders

Cambodia Wrap-Up Video!

by Alany Eder on 10/21/2014
Team The Conquerors

He's Romancing Me

by Bekah Shearin on 10/21/2014
Team Boldly Present

Karaoke Bars

by Mary Brinen on 10/21/2014
Team Golden Arrows

Christian Life Simplified

by Lauren Laubach on 10/21/2014
Team Golden Arrows

Part One: God, You Threw Me a Curve Ball

by Tyler Goeglein on 10/21/2014

"Be Authentic"

by Amy Maggard on 10/20/2014
Team Unveiled

Video from Month 1 (Cambodia)

by Brady MacIver on 10/20/2014
Team Boldly Present

The Truth about Me.

by Tabitha Turner on 10/20/2014

Count it all Joy

by Ashleigh Cleland on 10/20/2014

Fundraising Update

by Rebecca Stephens on 10/20/2014

When Helping Really Does Hurt

by Madison Muniz on 10/20/2014
Team Nephesh

Shifting from "ME" to "HE"

by Elle Kerkhoff on 10/20/2014

Come Fly Away with Me

by gwen Debaun on 10/20/2014

Where 1st world meets 3rd world

by Lindsay Lucas on 10/20/2014
Team Nephesh

5,000 Dollars but not a Penny Raised

by Scott Spafford on 10/20/2014

How Training Camp Changed Me

by Annie Burnham on 10/20/2014
Team Adopted

Where the Office Fern Goes

by Anika Erickson on 10/20/2014
Team Phoenix

The day I made an old man cry

by Joe Ferguson on 10/20/2014
Team Fiercely Rooted

I Deserve Grace.

by Hannah Adkison on 10/20/2014
Team Warrior Bride

Praises on Praises

by Josiah Clagett on 10/20/2014

Joy and Trash

by Taylor Mueller on 10/20/2014
Team Nephesh

Training Camp: Expect the Unexpected

by Becca Brazzell on 10/20/2014

My Friend, Anna

by Margeaux Cronce on 10/20/2014
Team The Surrendered

My First Ending

by Bryan Noll on 10/20/2014
Team Living Water

Training Camp

by Kristen Shreiner on 10/20/2014
Team Boundless

For Your Glory and My Good

by Kerry Kennedy on 10/20/2014
Team 3D

He Loves Me, He Love Me Not - a Poem

by Kristen Dworaczyk on 10/20/2014
Team Halas

The Bugs In My Loin

by Jacie Zook on 10/20/2014
Team 3D

God Turns My Independence Into Two Words

by Sarah Bohlman on 10/20/2014

It's About Me and.... Me.

by Hannah Berndt on 10/20/2014
Team Reptar

Ministry is What You Make It

by Grace Veker on 10/20/2014
Team Magnetic Light

Well...Here I go AGAIN!! Round 2!

by Amaris Torres on 10/20/2014
Team Squad Leader

Bienvenidos a Nicaragua

by Kayla Park on 10/20/2014
Team Magnetic Light

Eyewitnesses of God's Majesty

by Megan Connors on 10/20/2014
Team Anchored in Waves

A Letter From My Father

by Trish Bansky on 10/20/2014

Witnessing His Majesty

by Britteny Kramer on 10/20/2014
Team Anchored in Waves


by Britteny Kramer on 10/20/2014
Team Anchored in Waves

Training Camp

by Emily Lancon on 10/20/2014

Brokenness in BogotŠ

by Christina Smith on 10/20/2014
Team Fearless Laughter

Bikes over blogs

by Paola Antenucci on 10/20/2014
Team Warrior Bride

The In-Between

by Kyla Stearns on 10/20/2014
Team Boundless

Training Camp

by Nicky Keeno on 10/20/2014

My First Love, and What you can Learn from Him

by Keighty Patton on 10/20/2014

Training Camp Reflections

by Brittni Lovelace on 10/20/2014

Catching up!

by Russell Keen on 10/20/2014
Team Living Water

You Know What They Say About Assuming

by Brandon Williams on 10/20/2014

Whale Watching

by Brittany Gonzales on 10/20/2014
Team Royal Covenant