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Christ is worth the fight.

by Kristen Hamilton on 7/4/2015

Expectations Shattered

by Haley Roddy on 7/4/2015
Team Ezer

The Gifted and Talented

by Erin Cramer on 7/4/2015
Team Ezer

The Impala Syndrome

by Emily Knudson on 7/4/2015
Team Josephs Crown

Outside My Comfort Zone

by Emily Richardson on 7/4/2015

Fireworks Bursting On This Holiday

by Janelle Jenovese on 7/4/2015
Team Wimbi

I took two showers yesterday.

by Emily Werness on 7/4/2015
Team En Fuego

This all sucks!

by Keighty Patton on 7/4/2015
Team Wimbi

That's How the Story Goes

by Mackenzie Yeager on 7/4/2015
Team Cypress


by Abi Thompson on 7/4/2015

Oh Islam

by Isaac Coltrain on 7/4/2015
Team Radiant

Come Away With Me!

by David Hamilton on 7/4/2015
Team Breakthrough


by Chelsea Greenwood on 7/4/2015
Team Twelve

So today...

by Alex Kirkikis on 7/4/2015

Late Night Confusion

by Audrey Harned on 7/4/2015
Team Technicolor

Beauty from ashes

by Katie Ruther on 7/4/2015
Team The Guhlies


by Kiersten Gamby on 7/4/2015
Team Sistah Fierce

July 4th Celebrations!

by Monica Payne on 7/4/2015
Team Alabanza

My Own Apathy

by Kristy Ramsey on 7/4/2015
Team Braveheart

Bruised Knees

by Lisa Meyers World Race Blog on 7/3/2015

Country Segment: China

by Dustin Michael Minter on 7/3/2015

Hey Baby!

by Allie Spain on 7/3/2015
Team A~CA

Confessing Internal Sin...

by Devon Kester on 7/3/2015
Team Summer Breeze

Is This Really Happening?!?

by Daysi Wilkinson on 7/3/2015

Here I am, Send Me!

by Erin Peters on 7/3/2015
Team Ezer

Fill the Square!

by Morgan Woods on 7/3/2015

The First Steps- Start of India

by Brian Joseph on 7/3/2015
Team Anchor

How wild it was...

by Linda Swier on 7/3/2015
Team Chasing Jubilee

Hope for an Estonian Woman

by Jordan Tarant on 7/3/2015
Team Dunamis

Don't Wait

by Hayley Lundgren on 7/3/2015

In My Room.

by John Horton on 7/3/2015

When i Get Around to it.

by John Horton on 7/3/2015

Pre Training Camp Thoughts

by Rachel Workman on 7/3/2015

Write Me A Support Letter.

by John Horton on 7/3/2015

Who Knew..?

by Bethany Witte on 7/3/2015

Our Pain Isn't in Vain

by Elizabeth Shaffer on 7/3/2015
Team Exuberant Peace

"Being home… what's it like?"

by Jess Herzanek on 7/3/2015
Team Phili 3.14

11th hour God

by raylene Carrillo on 7/3/2015

His Grace Is Sufficient

by Lupita Hernandez on 7/3/2015

In Frustration and Favor

by Amanda Bednar on 7/3/2015
Team Team 4

Half Funded!!!

by Hailey Bryant on 7/3/2015

An orphans heart hits home

by Aaron Moyer on 7/3/2015
Team Agape Ethnos

The One With a Post Graduation Update

by Rachel Potts on 7/3/2015

Help Me Get Back to Nicaragua!

by Jan Carlo Del Valle on 7/3/2015
Team Halas

When Life Hits Pause

by Daniel Williams on 7/3/2015
Team Uncharted

Coffins on the Living Room Floor

by Crystal Avery on 7/3/2015
Team Braveheart

Team Fraser takes on Training Camp

by James and Kris Fraser on 7/3/2015

Into the Shade {a poem}

by Kate Stinson on 7/3/2015
Team Victory

Everybody laughs in the same language

by Becca Mitchell on 7/3/2015
Team Pursuit

Let's practice some squats!

by Rick and Sarah Thomas on 7/3/2015
Team Breakthrough

What's happening?!

by Lauren Madawick on 7/3/2015
Team The Adventurers

oh em gee, month 11

by Megan O'Connor on 7/3/2015
Team Summer Breeze

Moses And The Hungry Lion

by Derek Shatto on 7/3/2015
Team Radiant

Hearts flooded and Answered prayers

by ChristinaJoy Coleman on 7/3/2015
Team Victory


by Lo Acosta on 7/3/2015

The Highlight Reel Plus More

by Anna Kuepfer on 7/3/2015
Team En Fuego

Get Ready, Get Set, Go

by Kirbie Head on 7/3/2015
Team Chosen Servants

My Favorite Ministry This Month

by Rachel Radak on 7/3/2015
Team Vida


by Alyssa Trainor on 7/3/2015
Team Dunamis

We broke up...

by Jenessa Arps on 7/3/2015

Because There Are No Words

by Hilary Rogers on 7/2/2015
Team Full Force

Let Love Win

by Jess Mao on 7/2/2015

Are You Surprised?

by Ashley Albert on 7/2/2015
Team En Fuego

I am ___

by Laura Berg on 7/2/2015

Be intentional. Be open. Be changed.

by Danielle Stueve on 7/2/2015
Team Geronima


by Zack Toth on 7/2/2015


by Shelby Fowler on 7/2/2015

He Is Here

by Makenzie Mullin on 7/2/2015

He Wrecked My Plans For His

by Bri Devine on 7/2/2015

The Satisfaction of God

by Ethan Pugh on 7/2/2015

Why I'm not ready to leave

by Janelly Chavez on 7/2/2015

Too Many Thoughts For One Page

by Leah Finlay on 7/2/2015
Team Alabaster

Homeless In Europe

by Rebecca Schibler on 7/2/2015
Team Daughters of Zion

Asking (and answering) Questions

by Molly Cox on 7/2/2015

Joy in the Inexorable War

by Corrie Lundberg on 7/2/2015

Halfway Funded!!!! (& updates)

by Lauren Barfield on 7/2/2015

what is normal?

by Kaci Eccles on 7/2/2015
Team Imago

Has anyone seen my brain?

by Amber Kopecky on 7/2/2015

Journal excerpt: On Selflessness

by Serena Snyder on 7/2/2015
Team Awoken

The Burden Is Too Heavy

by Jenna Orabutt on 7/2/2015
Team Eshet Chayil

What is the Fellowship?

by Reid Mason on 7/2/2015
Team Squad Leaders

Jesus Didn't Call Me to be Safe

by Lauren Purser on 7/2/2015
Team Fearless

Livin la vida Isla

by Mel Jo Barnett on 7/2/2015
Team Team 4

I am the Hypocrite

by Ashley Slaughter on 7/2/2015
Team Unveiled