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»  A Walk through the Fog by Stephanie Ransom (4/8/2015)
»  The Mysteries We Unfold by Stephanie Ransom (3/26/2015)
»  How Women Freed From the Sex Trade are Freeing Others. by Meghan Tschanz (3/23/2015)
»  To Fat to Dance... by Angela Aston (3/11/2015)
»  A New Name by Stephanie Ransom (3/7/2015)
»  Not a coach, but a Father by Stephanie Ransom (3/2/2015)
»  Sex Trafficking in the U.S. by Meghan Tschanz (3/1/2015)
»  "You do hear me." by Stephanie Ransom (2/26/2015)
»  There is power in the name of Jesus, but there is no power at my house. by Stephanie Ransom (2/17/2015)
»  When it's time to pull off the fake beard and be a woman. by Stephanie Ransom (2/4/2015)
»  Waiting by Stephanie Ransom (1/15/2015)
»  I'm Moving to Spain! by Christina Kehres (1/6/2015)
»  What's Next? by Christina Kehres (1/1/2015)
»  Was I ready to explain my hope at SuperCuts? by Stephanie Ransom (12/23/2014)
»  Thank you!! by Stephanie Ransom (12/1/2014)
»  When you step out into the water... and sink. by Stephanie Ransom (11/6/2014)
»  Guatemala through my eyes. by Angela Aston (11/5/2014)
»  Make Me Boulder by Stephanie Ransom (10/20/2014)
»  Freedom to sing part 2 by Angela Aston (9/30/2014)
»  My strange commute. by Stephanie Ransom (9/29/2014)
»  Life at Center for Global Action (CGA) by Stephanie Ransom (9/26/2014)
»  On Turning 26... by Meghan Tschanz (9/23/2014)
»  Life After the's all GREEK to Me by Christina Callegari (9/8/2014)
»  Month 12! by Stephanie Ransom (9/4/2014)
»  Love is Always Worth the Trip by Meghan Tschanz (8/28/2014)
»  Love is Always the Trip by Meghan Tschanz (8/28/2014)
»  Thank You! by Laura or LJ Hofer (8/24/2014)
»  Why I cliff jump and reasons I love being home. by Meghan Tschanz (8/20/2014)
»  What do you do with bug infested chocolate? by Angela Aston (8/20/2014)
»  What's next! by Meghan Tschanz (8/18/2014)
»  The team that went to Guatemala by Angela Aston (8/12/2014)
»  An Alum Resurfaces: I Must Go! by A.J. Wagoner (8/6/2014)
»  An Alum Resurfaces: Dreams Reawakened by A.J. Wagoner (8/4/2014)
»  An Alum Resurfaces: Where the Spirit Blows by A.J. Wagoner (8/2/2014)
»  H's Questions: South Africa by Christina Kehres (8/1/2014)
»  it's not supposed to go like this. by Kristen Stoltzfus (7/29/2014)
»  The World Race Is Not the Greatest Thing I'll Do In Life by Christina Callegari (7/29/2014)
»  Skydiving by Stephanie Ransom (7/26/2014)
»  World Racer or Glorified Babysitter? by Christina Callegari (7/24/2014)
»  I Could Have Gone the Whole Race Without Reading my Bible by Christina Callegari (7/17/2014)
»  Snuggling with a sloth by Angela Aston (7/14/2014)
»  WHY I Decided to Leave the Race Early by Kate Friar (7/11/2014)
»  The Waffle Diaries I by Leah Johansen (7/7/2014)
»  God's Promise by Meghan Tschanz (7/6/2014)
»  I hope you finish weak. by Marissa Hyland (7/5/2014)
»  H's Questions: Mozambique by Christina Kehres (6/30/2014)
»  Jesus Why Did You Put Me With These People?How I Came to Fall In Love With Community by Christina Callegari (6/25/2014)
»  A Typical Off Day on the Race? by Kate Friar (6/25/2014)
»  I'm Just So Tired......... by Laura or LJ Hofer (6/25/2014)
»  India and Nepal (VIDEO) by Christina Callegari (6/23/2014)